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This issue of Places & Spaces that you are reading right now is our 10th edition – and in the magazine world this is kind of a big deal! It marks a special milestone for us, as Places and Spaces is one of our flagship publications, started when we decided to operate our own publishing division three years ago. Today we produce
and publish 12 in-house publications – covering a wide range of topics including tourism, sports, food and entertainment. We also produce and publish a number of independent magazines for our clients. It was a bold move for us, and we are proud to be the only full-fledged publishing department operated within a printing company in Jamaica!

It got me thinking about taking that leap of faith, and stepping out of our comfort zone… and in culling together the features for this issue we realized there was an underlying theme, it was that ‘can do spirit’ that we Jamaicans have, whether it’s in business or in our personal lives. For our feature on PHOENIX CENTRAL | 26, Public Relations guru, Jean Lowrie Chin relates how she took that bold step, against all odds, to not only open her own firm, but invest and develop real estate property; we learn how Paul Matalon, LUXURY RESIDENTIAL | 20, made a curious switch from Aeronautical engineering to become the industry leader in luxury residential real estate, while Maurice Gabay, AFFORDABLE HOUSING | 14, tells us how he took on the daunting challenge of not just providing affordable housing but creating ‘liveable communities.’

We share the stories of first-time home owners, young couples making smart decisions, such as Abbi and Krishna Phillips, HOME RENOVATION | 10, who opted to buy a fixer-upper, and Chinelle and Azikiwe Lambert, STYLISH MODULAR HOME | 18 who decided on a starter home with room to grow.

Others in this issue who have made a bold move are life long friends, Tabetha Phillips and Sarah Willis, BLUE RIDGE, A BANQUET OF A VIEW | 30, who both returned home to Jamaica to open a restaurant and lodgings in a remote area of the Blue Mountains.

It has been an inspiring issue as we connect with Jamaicans from all walks of life – we hope you enjoy reading their stories and feel inspired too!

Michele Gabay
Managing Director MAPCO Printers Limited

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