Seville Meadow III – Stylish Modular Home with Room to Grow

THERE WERE A FEW ‘MUST-HAVES’ on the Lamberts checklist for buying their first home: ”We wanted a starter-home with space and the option to expand,” explained Azikiwe. “That’s what appealed to us most with Seville III. At that time my wife, Chinelle was based in Montego Bay, so I went to look at the schematic, and selected our unit pre-construction. We also liked the idea that there were choices and addons – for example all are detached units and some allow you to purchase additional land space, so we did that, adding extra land at the back. There was also a choice between the basic and finished unit – we went with the basic as we wanted to decorate ourselves.

“It’s a slab roof so we can add a second floor, as well as extend to the back, (but not to the sides). And we will still have space for a garden. Another plus is that the driveway is long enough to park two cars. An important consideration was security, and it is a gated community.”

Currently the scheme is still in construction phase, and only some units are completed and occupied, mostly by couples, some with young families. The Lamberts are looking forward to the completion of the scheme, scheduled for late 2017, when the common areas will be landscaped and the community amenities will be in place. “It will be handed over to the citizen’s association and we will start to see a residential neighbourhood develop. For now, we pay a flat rate for water and security,” he says.

The only downside is the hour-long commute to and from Kingston – Chinelle works with a building society downtown, and Azikiwe owns a petroleum service company. “But we drive one car to work, and we use the two toll roads, Portmore and Spanish Town, and that is J$680 per day. Or sometimes we use the Marcus Garvey to Spanish Town bypass.