Making ‘Magic’ Happen Again In The Bedroom

You do not have to sit and watch HGTV and turn green with envy at the fabulous designs, decorating themes and ideas that you see, which transform bedrooms from being boring, to totally bodacious.

With a little creativity and some cash, you can redesign your own master bedroom and move it from frumpy to fantastic; a place where you want to spend all your free time and hopefully bring that ‘magic’ back to the bedroom.

There is nothing like coming home after a stressful, demanding day, to your own space that is serene, blissful and inviting. Plush carpet, nice, comfy pillows, muted television in the background and illuminating lamp light. All this and more is guaranteed to soothe your aching body and erase all the day’s issues from your thoughts.

Ideally, your bedroom should envelope you once you set foot through its doors and be an area where your mind and body are aligned to the room’s ambience. Being too messy or super crammed and cluttery, detracts from this and then it just becomes a room in which you fall asleep when tired. In those instances the spark or ‘magic’ is definitely missing. The following are some general tips for rejuvenating what many consider the most important room in the house, usually because of the length of time you spend within its walls. Hopefully you will generate some ideas to make the room warm and welcoming and most essentially, your own.

Have a theme. Firstly, try to give the room a cohesive theme that you can decorate around. Themes make the work fun and should reflect your personality or the place you currently are in your life e.g. newlywed, nature lover, punk rocker etc. You can make it as romantic and as soft as you want, or bold and brash if you so choose. Be mindful that bedroom decor should be soothing, so do not overdo it with shocking colours and definitely stay away from anything neon!

Less is more! Most people want to wrap themselves in comfort, so go for bedspreads and drapery that are light and airy. Pastels usually work very well and nature scenes are also popular. Avoid patterns that dazzle the eyes, because if you stare at it too long, you run the risk of getting a headache, which is the exact opposite of what the things in your bedroom should cause.

Get you creative juices going. In a bedroom your décor can encompass small knick-knacks that are sentimental, such as family pictures or maybe your grandmother’s rocking chair that would go great near that big open window where you sit and meditate. Try a large wall mirror with a cool chrome edge or a nice rug at the foot of your bed, to make it even more friendly and festive. Just go with what feels right to you.

Try a plant or two. They do not have to be big. In fact, make them small, with one fitting on your window sill that you can water after your morning workout. Plants facilitate a relaxed setting in a room and also removes some toxins from the air by absorbing them.

Have fun with the furniture. Do  not be afraid to mix and match pieces, as long as they do not clash and are practical and sturdy. Furniture should be appropriate to the size of the room and not too cumbersome, which makes getting around the room difficult. Clutter is never a good look.

Love your lighting. We cannot express enough how natural lighting is important. Sunlight makes you feel good, alive and happy. It just does. Make sure your bedroom has some great, big windows and if possible, ensure that the view from the main window is scenic and inspiring especially since you have to wake up to it every morning. If huge windows are not an option, then invest in lights that set a nice atmosphere that is conducive to privacy and rest. Also get some cool lamps as they help at bed time.

Wish for some window treatment. Now this is how you make the room beautiful while affording you all the privacy you need. Curtains or drapes should be good with fabric that allows air to pass through easily, so cotton or lace is always a smart choice.

Fancy some flooring? Now everybody is into hardwood floors, because they are really beautiful and durable. Also, if you or your children are asthmatic, then carpets would not be ideal for you. In Jamaica, you do not have to worry about winter and heated tiles, or floors, so chose one that feels good when you walk around barefooted.

Snug as a rug? Persian rugs are ideal for an elegant room. If your pocket cannot stretch that far, then solid color rugs are also a popular option, as they work well with a patterned bedspread and curtains.

Paint your passion. Choose shades that are light and except for an accent wall, stick to one harmonious colour, as too many colours and shades can make the room seem disorganised.

Supersize your bed. Ahhhh, the piece de resistance! A king size bed can be the focal point of your bedroom and if it is an antique bed, then you know your style is off the chain! Decorate with furnishing and trimmings in keeping with that period. If your king size bed is contemporary, you have room to play around more, so have fun spending time in and out of bed!

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